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Daily practice of Wim Hof Method


1.While seated or lying down, take 30-40 full conscious breaths. Breathe fully into the belly and chest, then let go without force.
2.On final exhale, let the air out and hold for as long as you can without discomfort
3.When you feel the urge to breathe again, take a deep breath in, hold for 10-15 seconds, then release and relax
4.Repeat the steps two or three times, adjusting your breath as needed
5.Rest until you are ready to move on with your day

You just influenced key drivers of your health, increased your vitality and focus, busted your stress, reduced inflammation factors, and optimised your immune system.


1.Before you get up from your breathing practice, bring up a thought in your mind, like ‘Today I’m going to stay in the cold shower for 15 more seconds,’, or ‘I feel happy, healthy and strong’
2.Reflect on this thought and notice how your body feels
3.If you identify any inner resistance to your intention, keep breathing steadily until you feel an alignment between your body and your mind.

With practice, your sense of your inner experience will sharpen, allowing you to more consciously observe and control your body and mind


1.At the end of your warm shower, turn the water to cold
2.Start by first putting in feet and legs, then your arms, then your full torso under the water 3..Gradually extend your exposure every day until you can handle two minutes in the cold.

You just improved your metabolic efficiency, regulated your hormones, further reduced inflammation and are enjoying the endorphins released in response to the cold.

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