• Contrast Therapy

    Learn how you can optimise your body, mind and wellbeing through this unique workshop that uses Breathwork and Contrast therapy (cold water immersion and infrared sauna).


    Contrast Therapy is the practice of alternating both heat and cold to the body in order to reduce inflammation, release toxins, stimulate the lymph system, strengthen the immune system and help to speed recovery from injury.


    At this workshop, you’ll also be using a breathing technique created by Wim Hof, who first became known for his ability to withstand extreme cold and to influence his autonomic nervous system.The purpose of this workshop is to subject your body to controlled but safe containers of stress in order to increase your window of tolerance to help you better manage your day to day stressors and tension. Chun, a certified Wim Hof instructor, will safely guide you through this powerful experience of your nervous system.





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    Soma Haus - 108 Joo Chiat Rd, #01-01, Singapore 427401

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    Activity: Breath Work

    Using breath as a preparation tool to calm the nervous system, and also allow space to address stresses that may build up during the protocol. This activity prepares you for the challenge of an ice bath

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    Activity: Cold Immersion

    Be guided into the cold in three stages:


    How to handle yourself while immersed

    How to warm up during immersion and between rounds

    Dangers to avoid

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    Activity: Infrared Sauna

    Feel the deep comfort of near, mid and far infrared rays plus light therapy.

    Learn how various protocols can help you achieve effects of relaxation, energy or detoxification depending on the sequence.

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