• Wim Hof Method

    Fundamentals Workshop

    4-week Group Training

    This package splits the typical 4.5hr workshop information into 4 weeks of group training sessions.

    Pick any 90min group training slot throughout the week that suits your schedule (Tues/Sat 10am, Wed 7pm)

    Theory will be taught in four sessions following the week of the month (Week 1: Part 1, and so forth) with a PDF handout to go through before the class, and questions answered during the training session.

    After the 4th session you will have completed Fundamentals and be part of the local Hoffers training group!

    $400 cost, divided into four weekly payments of $100.





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    Wim Hof Method Singapore - 25 Pemimpin Place S-576022

    Held on the 3rd floor yoga room in a quiet residential estate

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    Activity: Theory

    Understand the science behind what the method entails.

    History, theory and practices will be shared over the 4 weeks in PDF handouts and questions answered during the training sessions.

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    Activity: Breath work

    Guided breathwork in a group, going multiple rounds deeper into our body with a full understanding of all expected physical outcomes while calmly observing the mind's thoughts with conscious control.

    This ends with a physical exercise to show you how you can be more powerful when you have breath and mind under control.

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    Activity: Ice bath

    Hop into a modified chest freezer and embrace the ice water.

    Various body-mind preparation protocols will be shared to help you prepare for this phase before, during and after the cold exposure to make sure you are always in control.


    This portion is also completely optional if you feel it's too intense, because respecting that internal message is exactly what we want to build!

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