• Global Adventures

    Adrenaline rush all around the world from the air, sea and land

    Bodalicious Bali (Indonesia)

    Tropical paradise adventure week

    Kitesurf, Scuba, Surf, Cablski, Dirtbike. A different adventure everyday for a week in an eco villa with private pool.

    More info here

    Snowboarding & Skiing (New Zealand) - Jul to Sep

    Chase the pow

    Kia Ora! HyperActiv and The Ride Side satisfies your mid-year snow craving by bringing you to the beautiful New Zealand for some epic views snowboarding around Treble Cone in Wanaka.

    Choose your own week-long package inclusive of accommodation, transport, guides, discounts, dinners and more!



    Snowboarding & Skiing (Japan) - Dec to Mar

    Chase the pow

    HyperActiv and The Ride Side are teaming up to bring you a season of powder up in Japan!
    Choose your own 8D7N package inclusive of accommodation, transport, guides, discounts, dinners and more!



    Kitesurf (Indonesia, Philippines)

    Gone with the wind

    Make full use of the monsoon and learn to harness the wind to surf and fly!


    Photos 1 Video 1

    Skydiving (Australia, Thailand)

    Make the leap

    The ultimate adventure. Get your very own solo skydiving licence in Australia under expert coaches from the Australian Parachute Federation!
    Video 1

    Dirtbiking (Malaysia, Indonesia)

    The fun begins where the pavement ends

    A short drive to Johor Bharu in Malaysia and we're in the vast plantations full of muddy trenches and slippery slopes. Take your pick from a small scrambler for first timers, or a nice 200cc bike to tear up the hills. BRRAAAP!

    Tactical Shooting (Philippines)

    Lock and load

    No more day dreaming of action movies, learn proper shooting techniques from the best in the field! Safety and handling, and fundamentals of handgun shooting will be covered in this weekend course.

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