• The Journey

    Where to start and how to progress

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    First timers

    Heard about it online? Tried it yourself but not sure if you're doing it right? Begin here!

    Breathwork Basics (18 pax), at Kallang, 75min, $35

    No ice bath, just simple guided breathing to start your journey.

    Breath and Ice (14 pax), at Kallang, 90 min, $75

    Breath and Ice (8 pax), at Bishan, 90 min, $100

    Breath and Ice (6 pax), at Tiong Bahru, 90 min, $85

    Breath, Ice and Sauna - Contrast Therapy (4 pax), at Joo Chiat, 90 min, $150

    Add a powerful infrared sauna experience to feel how heat can help too

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    Ready to get serious? Here's all the available workshops

    Fundamentals Wim Hof Method Workshop, 4.5hr, $300

    Fundamentals 4-part Training, 90 min each, $400

    Fundamentals include an invitation to our private chat group for events and regular training sessions at discounted rates.

    Advanced Wim Hof Method Workshop, 4hr, $300

    Holotropic Breathwork, 3hr, $170

    Brothers Retreat, 12hr, $600

    Space Holder Facilitation Training, 10hr, $850 (T.B.A)

    Amsterdam Retreat, April 2024, 4 days, $2650 (T.B.A)

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    Completed a Fundamentals workshop? Keep current with these sessions.

    Use your provided discount code for this pricing, or purchase a package

    Breath and Ice (4 pax), at Bishan, 90 min, $90

    Breath and Ice (6 pax), at Tiong Bahru, 90 min, $75

    Breath and Ice (8 pax), at Bishan, 90 min, $75




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    Private Sessions

    For complete privacy with your own group or one-to-one

    Breathwork at Joo Chiat, 60min, $180

    Breath and Ice at Bishan, 90 min, $250

    Send a message to book date/time of your choice

    Outcalls to any location worldwide, add 30%

  • Class Types

    Here is the current list of workshops available

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    Intro: Breathwork Basics

    A 75min breathing-only session exploring how control of our breath affects everything else.

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    Intro: Breath and Ice

    Together with breathwork, be guided into a stage-by-stage cold immersion slowly and safely, to experience the combined effect off the Wim Hof Method in just 90 mins in a large group.

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    Intro: Breath and Ice Experience

    A Tiong Bahru monthly pop-up, small group setting suitable for first timers as well as regulars. 90 mins of breathwork and cold exposure.

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    Intro: Sweat and Freeze

    One of the rare spots in Singapore to provide both ice cold water as well as infrared sauna facilities, workshops here explore the protocol with a layer of heat stacked on top for further exploration.

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    Practitioner: Fundamentals

    First proper step in WHM involving 4.5 hours of theory, breath, exercise and proper ice dips.

    Gain access to:

    Private practitioners chat group

    Regular group training sessions.

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    Practitioner: Advanced

    Deep power breaths, long ice dips and everything else that pushes the body and mind beyond the comfort zone, in a safe guided manner. Combo packs with Fundamentals available.

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    Practitioner: Group Training

    Effects of breathwork last 4-24 hrs and ice baths up to 7 days. See how the practice is enhanced when you do it under guidance or in the company of other practitioners.

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    Partnering with vegan strength coach Luke Tan, we’ll be stacking a killer workout with WHM breath and ice, limited slots!

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    Brother's Retreaet

    Embark on this full day men's retreat, the first of its kind in Singapore, to step away from our everyday lives and connect with authentic individuals.

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    Holotropic Breathwork

    Led by Singapore's only certified Holotropic Breathwork instructor, experience this unique method to dive deep within yourself in a safe guided environment for self healing.

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    Gift Cards

    Give the gift of happiness, strength and health to anyone you cherish! Available digitally or as a physical card in various denominations or class types.

  • Other class types available


    Online Talks

    Suitable for online festivals or company events with staff in remote working situations.
    The talk will include introduction/history of the method, short and effective examples of how it can benefit participants, as well as important safety considerations when doing this practice from home.

    Participants are encouraged to be dressed comfortably and expect sit or lie down during the breathwork segment.

    Cost: $400/hr
    Email/DM to arrange


    Spice up your retreat with a taste of the WHM for your participants. Similar to the introduction format of breath work and ice dips, the program can be customised to match the theme of your classes. Additional components of mobility, flexibility, creativity or deeper mental/emotional work can be included in the program.

    Programs between one hour to three full days can be arranged.

    Cost: $1000/day
    Email/DM to arrange

    Consultation Call

    Book a call or meet in person for deeper discussion on:
    How to set up your own ice tub at home / work
    Clarify what the breath, cold, heat and other exploration is for and whether it can help you in your particular situation.
    Cost: $50/hour
    Email/DM to arrange