• Unlock Peak Performance

    An Elite Retreat for Mind, Body, and Soul Enhancement

  • What To Expect

    Rapid Lifestyle Enhancement

    In just five days, revolutionize your approach to fitness, nutrition, recovery, learning, and socializing. Our luxury retreat is tailored for busy professionals seeking significant change with minimal time investment. Enjoy comprehensive, step-by-step guidance from our expert facilitators, plus ongoing support for a full month.


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    Bloodwork Analysis and Tracking

    Your bloodwork and fitness data, seamlessly integrated into the https://kalibra.ai/ platform, streamline personalized tracking for targeted improvements. This tracking starts one month before the retreat.

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    Fitness and Nutrition Plans

    Immerse in bespoke fitness and nutrition plans during private assessments, offering tailored post-retreat guidelines with ongoing facilitator support.

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    Breathwork and Cold Plunges

    Master breathing techniques and cold plunges under a certified instructor using the Wim Hof Method and Oxygen Advantage protocol. Start simple and advance progressively throughout the retreat.

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    One on One Time

    Up to 50 hours of one-on-one slots will be available for retreat participants to book a chat with a facilitator to address personal improvements. A fitness and nutrition assessment with Ali, and breath and stress assessment with Chun will give you a comprehensive personal plan, technique instruction, and guidance aligned with your goals and bloodwork results.

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    Educational Talks and Talking Circles

    Engage in enlightening discussions on vital health topics on fitness, nutrition, breathwork and stress management.


    After that, talking circles would offer safe spaces for open sharing and emotional healing. Their structured yet flexible approach encourages vulnerability, fostering community, growth, and support through rituals and communal storytelling, making them effective for personal exploration and relationship building.

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    Not Just A Retreat

    Begin your journey a month before the retreat with coaching, ensuring optimal preparation. Receive a personalized health protocol, including ongoing support through weekly check-ins for 1 month post-retreat, all included in the exclusive experience. Available follow-ups up to 6 months post-retreat.

  • Itinerary

    Daily schedule for five days ensures a harmonious balance of physical activity, personalized consultations, educational experiences, and mindful practices, creating a comprehensive retreat that caters to your holistic well-being
    5 AM - Active Sunrise (Optional):

    Kickstart your day with an invigorating run, bike ride, or swim, promoting physical vitality and awakening your senses.


    6 AM - Mindful Awakening:
    Immerse yourself in breathwork and a refreshing cold plunge, setting the tone for mental clarity and resilience throughout the day.


    7 AM - Flexibility and Serenity:
    Engage in a morning session of mobility and yoga, promoting flexibility and inner peace.


    8 AM - Nutrient-Rich Breakfast:
    Fuel your body with a delicious and nutritious breakfast, prepared to meet your dietary preferences and requirements.


    9 AM - Personalized Guidance or Free Time:
    Choose between a 1-on-1 consultation with Ali for personalized fitness and nutrition planning or with Chun for stress management through breathwork exercises. Otherwise have some free time to journal or relax.


    10 AM - Strength and Conditioning:
    Participate in a strength conditioning session to enhance your physical prowess and overall well-being.


    11 AM - Personalized Guidance or Free Time

    12 PM - Wholesome Lunch:

    Enjoy a thoughtfully crafted lunch, providing essential nutrients to sustain your energy levels.


    1 PM - Knowledge Enrichment:
    Join an educational chat covering topics such as fitness, nutrition, breathwork, and contrast therapy, expanding your understanding of holistic wellness.


    2PM - Personalized Guidance or Free Time


    3 PM - Tea Break:
    Take a moment to relax and rejuvenate with a soothing tea break.


    4 PM- Personalized Guidance or Free Time


    5 PM - Evening Revitalization:
    Reconnect with your breath and experience another cold plunge, revitalizing your body and mind.


    6 PM - Nourishing Dinner:
    Wind down with a nourishing dinner, carefully curated to support your well-being.


    7 PM - Open Dialogue:
    Engage in a talking circle, fostering a safe environment to explore and share thoughts on masculine or feminine topics without judgment.


    9 PM - Unwind:
    Enjoy free time in the evening to unwind and reflect, allowing for personal introspection or simply relaxation.




    Women's Retreat - 18-22 March 2024 (Arrive 17th night and depart 23rd morning after breakfast)
    Men's Retreat - 15-19 April 2024
    Couple's Retreat - 13-17 May 2024



    20% Early bird discount by 25 Jan 2024


    Single Tented Villa: US$4,250 per pax
    Early bird price: US$3,400


    Couple Tented Villa: US$3,900 per pax
    Early bird price: US$3,120


    Single Farmhouse: US$4,000 per pax
    Early bird price: US$3,200


    Couple Farmhouse: US$3,600 per pax
    Early bird price: US$2,880


    Private booking for entire estate (10 rooms, up to 20 pax) available at US$50,000, with additional 15% discount for advanced prepayment four months before event.


    Inclusive of
    Airport transfer
    3 Plant-based Meals Per Day
    Cold Plunge and Sauna
    Swimming Pool and Gym


    Flights not included in price.
    Please book your own transport to Koh Samui and we will arrange return transfer to the resort.


    Kapuhala Koh Samui
    104/86 Moo 3, Bophut Bophut, Chaweng Noi, 84320 Chaweng Noi Beach, Thailand, Chaweng Noi, Koh Samui, Thailand, 84320


    Please let us know if you:
    - Are pregnant or breastfeeding
    - Have a disabling medical condition, including but not limited to cardiovascular disease and hypertension.
    - Have a disabling, unstable or acute mental illness or addiction-related condition (e.g., people in active alcohol withdrawal).
    - Are experiencing severe, current life instability


    Payment Terms
    50% Deposit (Bank transfer to our SG/HK account)
    Full Payment one month before event


    Refund Policy
    Cancellations up to two months before: 90% refund
    Up to one month before: 70% refund
    Up to three weeks before: 50% refund
    Cancellations within two weeks: No refund
  • Facilitators


    Ali Watts, originally from Sydney, Australia, embarked on a significant life transition when she decided to leave her corporate career to pursue her true passion in fitness and wellness. This bold move was driven by her desire to help people transform their lives through fitness and nutrition. Her journey took her from Sydney to Hong Kong, then to Manhattan, New York, and eventually back to Hong Kong, reflecting her global outlook and commitment to spreading her wellness philosophy​​​​.


    Ali's expertise is extensive and diverse. She is not only an Elite Personal Trainer and Yoga Teacher but also a Health Coach, Business Development Specialist, Investor, Gym Coach, Manager, and Consultant. Her role as the Founder and Director of Standoutperformancehk.com highlights her entrepreneurial spirit and her ability to lead and innovate in the fitness and wellness sector. Ali's work extends to consulting, board advisory, and business development for several prominent companies in the industry, including Spren (Elite HRV Inc.), Nutrition Kitchen Ltd, One Personal Training Ltd, and Kalibra Pte Ltd​​​​.


    Throughout her career, Ali has maintained a focus on helping individuals transform both their bodies and minds. She has extended her reach beyond personal training to offer holistic wellness solutions, connecting clients with a network of amazing coaches across New York, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Australia. This global network is a testament to her influence and the effectiveness of her approach​​​​.


    Additionally, Ali's personal life is marked by her engagement in various endurance sports. Her active lifestyle, however, was interrupted by a devastating accident during a group bike ride. This incident, while challenging, did not deter her spirit. Instead, it likely contributed to her comprehensive understanding of the importance of recovery and resilience, both physically and mentally​​.


    In essence, Ali Watts represents a blend of entrepreneurial acumen, deep knowledge in fitness and wellness, and a personal commitment to living the principles she teaches. Her story is one of leaving the familiar to pursue a greater purpose, impacting lives globally through her expertise in transforming body and mind.

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    Chun Yih Tan


    Chun Yih Tan, a Level 2 Wim Hof Method (WHM) instructor, has led a life fueled by adrenaline and a passion for extreme sports. Over 15 years, he immersed himself in activities like wakeboarding, scuba diving, snowboarding, skydiving, triathlons, and military training. This relentless pursuit of adventure, however, came with a cost. His body started signaling distress through painful swellings, a manifestation of overuse and the need for recovery​​​​.


    In 2016, Chun Yih discovered the Wim Hof Method, a transformative practice combining breath control, cold exposure, and meditation. This method became a turning point in his life. The consistent practice of WHM significantly reduced his inflammation and provided a newfound sense of balance and healing​​.


    Chun Yih's commitment to adrenaline sports continued, but in 2018, a serious accident while electric skateboarding resulted in a broken collarbone and rib. Remarkably, he utilized the WHM breathing techniques immediately after surgery and began ice immersions as soon as he was able. His remarkable recovery saw him climbing rocks within weeks and participating in a Wim Hof Masters course in Poland under extreme conditions. This experience further solidified his belief in the method's power to overcome physical and mental barriers​​.


    As Singapore's first certified Wim Hof Method instructor since 2019, Chun Yih has been dedicated to sharing this powerful technique with others. His teachings focus on improving immune function, increasing energy and focus, reducing stress, and enhancing cold tolerance. He leads the WHM Fundamentals Workshop in Singapore, bringing this unique practice to a climate where cold exposure is not typical​​​​​​.


    Chun Yih's personal experience with pain management, recovery, and resilience through WHM has been a source of inspiration for many. His journey from managing a high-pressure sales role to becoming a pioneer in the field of wellness and breathwork in Singapore is a story of transformation. He left his corporate career in 2021 to fully commit to his passion for helping others find strength, health, and happiness through the Wim Hof Method. He is the founder of HyperActiv, Singapore's first and only center dedicated to the Wim Hof Method, offering classes for beginners and experts alike​​.


    Chun Yih represents a bridge between the intense world of adrenaline sports and the healing powers of breathwork and cold exposure. His story is one of listening to the body's signals, respecting its limits, and finding a path to greater well-being and fulfillment.

  • Accommodation Type - Tented Villa

    Sleep surrounded by the ambient sounds of the jungle, yet still enjoy the comforts and amenities of a hotel room.


    Fully detached en suite structures with a private terrace where you can greet the sunrise or enjoy your breakfast. The villas are modular and with removable panels enabling you to enjoy the spectacular nature around you.

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  • Accommodation Type - Farmhouse

    Nestled on the edge of a hill, these unique Farmhouses are fully detached rooms with separate entrances built on top of large rocks – a natural geological wonder of the area.


    Wake up daily to a serene sea view of the bay and enjoy the breathtaking sunrises on your private balcony.

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  • Activities

    Hike, Run, Walk or Spin

    25m Infinity Pool

    Cold Plunge


    Mobility/Yoga outdoor and indoor

    1-on-1 Consults

    Strength Conditioning with Free Weights and Calisthenics Equipment

    Educational Chat

    Talking Circle

    Plant-based Meals

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  • Testimonials

    Here's what customers had to say about Ali and Chun's previous workshops

    Ali Watts

    Kirsty Moran: "I have always had an obsession with the scales … never again … my body fat % has decreased from 27.8 to 25 and my muscle mass has increased from 28.5 to 29.7. Bravo Ali Watts to this awesome programme"​​.


    Chris Ho: "She carefully listens and assesses your health ecosystem before prescribing a holistic lifestyle program covering food, supplements, exercise and even sleep"​​.


    Jeff Jones: "Ali emphasized proper form and alignment which helped to boost my confidence with handling kettle bells"​​.


    Cindy Shammall: "She has opened my eyes to the benefits of Vinyasa yoga for athletes and I’ve seen huge improvements in my practice in just three months"​​.


    Peter Shephard: "Ali helped me to be able to run pain-free!"​​.

    Chun Yih Tan

    Dana: "Great experience and Chun was very inspiring and informative. Mr. Chun was fantastic, knowledgeable, professional and humble. He helped me to calm down in the water and supported our group beautifully"​​.


    Kunaal Namashivaya: "It was great to learn from Chun Yih. I learned the 'right' breathing technique and had the first time tingling feeling, lightheadedness and even a short moment of laughing during breathing"​​.


    Frederic Moraillon: "An interesting experience in breathing and using your mind to resist the effect of cold water. I recommend to anyone who wants to push his or her limits."​​.


    Paul Sedman: "Very clear and engaging and I found myself totally focused for 4+ hours. I have been practicing (poorly) the method for some months, and this face to face setting just clarified a lot of open questions. The breathing exercises were incredible and I felt amazing after, wanting more. The ice baths were surprisingly easier than I first thought"​​.


    Peter Fisher: "Really well run fundamentals course. It is much more effective to have instruction on the breathing which I've tried previously with the app. The cold water immersion was excellent and all in a great group environment. Highly recommend"​​.

  • FAQs

    Frequently asked questions. Message us in the application form if you have any other queries.

  • Application Form

    We would love to hear from you if you're interested in participating in our retreat. Our approach is focused on fostering a personal and close-knit atmosphere, which means we can only accommodate a limited number of guests. We invite you to share with us how you believe this retreat will enrich your life. Please also acknowledge that this journey is one of personal growth, with engagement expected prior to, throughout, and following our time together. We are dedicated to supporting each step of your transformative experience