• Wim Hof Method


  • Discover your inner fire

    with the Wim Hof Method

    What is the Wim Hof Method?

    The Wim Hof Method is a way to tap into the hidden power of oxygen
    and cold exposure; two natural resources that used to be part of
    our everyday lives throughout most of our evolutionary history, but that
    have been almost completely lost to the comforts of modern society.


    With the WHM you can unlock the potential inside yourself, and open the door to an array of health benefits.

  • How It Works

    The Wim Hof Method rests on three distinct pillars:



    Take in oxygen, let out carbon dioxide, holding the breath to give the body some stress and BREATHE


    Cold Exposure

    Get into ice water, feel the cold and observe it subsiding into peace and strength



    Build up mental strength, discipline, a can-do attitude and let your mind work miracles for you

  • Combine the 3 pillars to unlock a multitude of benefits:

    Improved immune system
    Increased energy
    Heightened focus & determination
    Reduced stress levels
    Dealing with fear and challenges
    Improved sport performances
    Better sleep
    Greater cold tolerance

    Improve the way your body deals with problems such as:

    Panic attacks
    Muscle soreness

  • Getting Started

    How you can start your journey with the Wim Hof Method


    Free Stuff!

    Learn all about the method from available online sources: Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Free Online Mini Class, Free WHM Mobile App


    Fundamentals Workshop

    Take the first step by joining a Fundamentals Workshop, two Sunday mornings a month



    Bring home all the knowledge and skills to apply to your own practice, use Wim's online breathwork guide or feel the difference in depth and power in our weekly group training sessions every Wednesday evening and Saturday morning (Fundamentals required)


    Further Learning

    Feed your thirst for knowledge and new experiences by joining subsequent activities such as the Advanced WHM Workshop and -5°C Indoor Snow Park outing or if possible, consider a life-changing WHM travel expedition!

  • Studies, Write ups, Videos

    Additional information about the method and its effects

    Channel News Asia

    Wim Hof Method Singapore featured in CNA's series Rishi and Sharul Try Biohacking

    Vice Asia feature

    Here’s What It’s Like to Meditate in Freezing Water and How It Made Me Stronger

    Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine

    The 2019 prize awarded to a group of researchers for their study into how cells detect oxygen and react to hypoxia

    Watch the video here

    End Inflammation Now

    This Trick Makes You Immune To Illness

    Brain Over Body

    Hacking the stress system to let your psychology influence your physiology

    Influencing The Immune System

    Voluntary activation of the sympathetic nervous system and attenuation of the innate immune response in humans

    Neuroimaging Wim Hof's Brain

    Study on thermoregulation, which yielded surprising results and promising new insight into the physiological mechanisms stimulated by cold exposure.

    Becoming Superhuman with Ice Man Wim Hof

    Spend four days with Wim Hof in the mountains of Poland

    Cold comfort

    Exposure to chilly temperatures may help fight anxiety

    Swimming in cold water

    What makes taking the plunge so powerful for the mind and body?

    The Ice Breakers

    How cold water swimming could cure our modern maladies

    Interview with Dana's Tips For Parents

    A chat with Dana about the journey of becoming a WHM instructor

    Podcast with A Different Path

    A chat with Yi Xian about Chun's journey in sports and biohacking

    The Wim Hof Method Book

    The only definitive book authored by Wim Hof on his powerful method for realizing our physical and spiritual potential.
  • Reviews

    Mr. Chun was fantastic, knowledgeable, professional and humble. he was very calm and yet excite us about the benefits and the journey! he helped me to calm down in the water and supported all of our group beautifully . many thanks for an extraordinary experience, soon to be a way of life :)
    -Dana, Singapore

    It was great to learn from Chun Yih and we also appreciate his sharing of his personal experiences, taking time for our questions and sharing his knowledge.
    So far, I watched lots of online videos about WHM, but now I learned the “right“ breathing technique and had the first time tingling feeling, lightheadedness and even a short moment of laughing during breathing (so I guess it works to activate the happy hormones or “to get high on your own supply” :) )
    My girl-friend, who I bestowed this workshop as her birthday gift, felt so relaxed while doing the breathing exercise she nearly fell asleep.
    The ice bath was also a very cool experience and kinda different from a cold shower (doing it for more than 1 year)
    It would be great, if you would integrate a 10 minutes meditation exercise, even the breathing and ice bath exercise is kind of meditation.
    Overall we strongly recommend this workshop for beginners and will also recommend it to our family & friends worldwide.
    Happy breathing and thanks a lot again to our teacher Chun Yih

    -Kunaal Namashivaya


    Lovely experience, 10/10 would do again

    -Darius Tay


    Life changing

    -Hidde Terpstra


    Really well run fundamentals course. It is much more effective to have instruction on the breathing which I've tried previously with the app. Nothing beats in person coaching. The cold water immersion was excellent and all in a great group environment. Highly recommend.

    -Peter Fisher

    Chun is a very good instructor and facilitator. The fundamentals session was very well-run; informative, fun, and a good balance of theory and practical work. Facilities are more than adequate and I'm looking forward to regular cold immersions; hopefully there'll be more group session time slots!
    -Keng Wee Tan

    Awesome experience! We did the fundamentals workshop with Chun. He explained all the theory, we practiced breathing as a group (which omg is so much better than solo) then we all had a few sets of jumping into an ice bath! An incredibly perfect opportunity for those curious or just getting into the Wim Hof Method
    -Ben Male

    Really well run fundamentals course. It is much more effective to have instruction on the breathing which I've tried to do previously with the app, nothing beats in person coaching. The cold water immersion was excellent and all in a great group environment, highly recommend.
    A really good setup, nice location good atmosphere.
    I'll certainly be back and will use this with my personal training clients as well.
    -Peter Fisher

    It was an amazing and fun experience for me.
    -Daphne Lim

    An interesting experience in breathing and using your mind to resist the effect of cold water. I recommend to anyone who wants to push his or her limits.

    -Frederic Moraillon

    Chun is a very good instructor. He is very patient, answered all my questions and is very passionate and interested. He had a lot of cool stories to share with me.
    I really enjoyed the whole experience. The breathing was very relaxing and enjoyable with tingling sensations. The cold was very difficult mentally, humbling and i felt really good at the end pf every round.
    I will be back for sure and highly recommend this experience with Chun to everyone!
    Thank you
    -Cedric Eynaud

    Awesome experience! We did the fundamentals workshop with Chun. He explained all the theory, we practiced breathing as a group (which omg is so much better than solo) then we all had a few sets of jumping into an ice bath! An incredibly perfect opportunity for those curious or just getting into the Wim Hof Method
    -Ben Male

    I felt immediately relaxed in the environment provided. Small group and perfect setting. Coach, was very clear and engaging and I found myself totally focused for 4+ hours. I have been practicing (poorly) the method for some months, and this face to face setting just clarified a lot of open questions...
    The breathing exercises were incredible and I felt amazing after, wanting more.
    The ice baths were surprisingly easier than i first thought, even though after the forth....i was nearly at my peak.
    Great course and will come for the odd training session.
    Thank you
    -Paul Sedman


    Great workshop with Chun. He is creating a positive respectful and conducive environment to learn and share!
    Chun is making it different each time and letting us experiment. He is closely following each of us in our progress
    -Quitterie Marque


    Chun was really supportive throughout the session and gave very clear guidance on the method. I really enjoyed learning the fundamentals and look forward to more breathing, mindset and cold adventures!
    -Nathania Wong


    Really enjoyed the afternoon with Chun and my fellow students. Enjoyed the covering of the fundamentals and the science of it. I thought the breathing exercises were good and effective, but having some experience in the past, I found it easier just to go my own pace to reach that deeper state versus paying attention to the class direction. It was a real treat to have the ice bath in Singapore and this is one of the primary reasons I signed up. I'm really glad I did though because it was much more enriching than just a dip in cold water. I'm looking forward to doing another class or series of classes with Chun.
    -Scott Layton


    Thanks very much!
    -Devathas Satianathan

    Thanks Chun!
    -Maxwell Robinson


    It's an eye-opening experience if you come in with an open mind. While the fundamental class is only the tip of the iceberg for Wim Hof method, it opens up the path to allow one to start on a self discovery journey.

    -Wei Loon Leong


    Great session, it was so relaxing that one of us drifting to sleep in the breathing practise. Chun was also very knowledgable and shared his own experiences which made the theory part very impactful.
    For an uninitiated to the Wim Hoff method, it could not be better. Could have been better if we have a more time to do the breathing practise more (we only did 3 x 30 breathes). But again, the overall take away as a fundamental class is wonderful. Will imagine fro those who have needs to improve themselves for sports or to improve certain medical conditions, the session will serve effective head-start to recovery using the Wim Hof method.

    -Dilong Goh


    Great experience. The setup and flow of the session was comfortable.

    -Bin Liang


    Chun is an exceptional instructor. I felt safe, I felt empowered and the session sparked further curiosity for me to explore.
    -Lisa Flynn


    Perfect instruction :) Would do it again!
    -Navin Amarasuriya


    Chun was a great instructor, held the space well for us, gave clear guidance that inspired trust, motivation and non-judgement.
    I find the ice my friend now and look forward to the next dip.
    -Tracy Phillips

    It was a great experience, very insightful and professional. I really enjoyed the session and would strongly recommend it!
    -David Blasco

    Very good introduction. Looking forward for the next lessons!

    -Thibault Muir

  • Class Types

    Now available in Singapore. Courses booked via WHM website are charged in Euros.
    Courses booked via Hyperactiv Store are charged in Singapore Dollars.

    WHM Fundamentals

    WHM Fundamentals Workshop

    4.5hr, €128 / S$200

    For first timers with no prior experience
    Book here

    WHM Advanced Workshop

    4.5hr, €128 / S$200

    Go deeper into the Wim Hof Method with a Level 2 certified instructor and learn techniques of power breathing and brown fat activation.
    Fundamentals Workshop experience is recommended.
    WHM Group Course single ticket

    WHM Group Class

    1.5hr x 1, S$59.90

    1.5hr x 5, S$275.00 (S$55/class)
    1.5hr x 10, S$450.00 (S$45/class)

    One morning session of guided breathing and ice water exposure for better long term adaptation

    WHM Corporate events

    2-5 hours, S$200 per pax

    Bespoke session at a location, date and time of your choice, for 8 to 20 pax in your company.
    Inflatable tub, presentation slides and ice delivery provided.
    Just provide a presentation space, power supply, an area to lie down and somewhere with water supply / drainage for the ice bath.
    *Booking must be done by a registered company*
    Overseas locations possible, flight/accommodation/meals charged separately at cost.
    Email us to arrange

    WHM Private Training Session

    S$85 per person

    Utmost privacy at a location, date and time of your choice for 1 to 5 pax.
    Inflatable tub, ice cubes, additional $150.
    Just provide an area to lie down and a space with water supply / drainage for the ice bath.
    Overseas locations can be arranged, flight/accommodation/meals charged separately at cost.
    Email us to arrange

    WHM Fundamentals Video Course (Online)


    Learn the Wim Hof Method through a series of fun, interactive weekly video lessons taught by the Iceman himself.
  • Corporate Customers

    Companies we have worked with
    for presentations, retreats, workshops & management team training

  • Local media feature


    Join the class and learn the basics in this FREE video course.
    Class 1: The Power of Breathing
    Class 2: The Power of Cold Showers
    Class 3: The Power of your Mind

  • Additional information

    Further info, tips and tricks

    Breath 1.While seated or lying down, take 30-40 full conscious breaths. Breathe fully into the belly and chest, then let go without force. 2.On final exhale, let the air out and hold for as long as you can without discomfort 3.When you feel the urge to breathe again, take a deep breath in, hold...
    The first time we tried to cool down an outdoor pool in 34°C weather, we severely underestimated the amount of ice required. $100 worth of ice disappeared in ONE MINUTE and the temperature only dipped slightly. Sorely disappointing and too late to order more ice last minute! A few google searches...
    May 16, 2019 · wimhofmethod,whm,icetub · 5
    Why do you need an ice tub? Since I began my Wim Hof Method journey in 2017 in Singapore, one of my first realizations is that our cold water could never be cold enough to give any substantial shock that the Cold Exposure pillar of the method needed us to be subjected to. Fortunately enough, I...
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