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    Additional information about the method and its effects

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    The Straits Times: Would you take the plunge?

    Ice baths are becoming mainstream in Singapore

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    Vice Asia feature

    Here’s What It’s Like to Meditate in Freezing Water and How It Made Me Stronger
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    Channel News Asia

    Wim Hof Method Singapore featured in CNA's series Rishi and Sharul Try Biohacking
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    Channel News Asia: Drowning

    Coroner cautions against practising Wim Hof breathing method underwater after man drowns

    With the benefits of breathwork and cold exposure, it is also my duty to share bad news. This easy-to-learn method is also very dangerous if done incorrectly. Be guided by a certified instructor, or get certified yourself to lead others, so we can minimize risk to our life.

    View the CNA post here, Goodyfeed post,

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    Australia & New Zealand Association (ANZA): Wim Hof Method: Should you freeze the fear & do it anyway?

    Being cold is hot right now thanks to The Wim Hof Method. The aim is ultimate mastery over your body and mind, but can this be achieved in a carpark in Kallang? Jo Upcraft dives in and investigates.

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    Zaobao Now Digital/Newspaper Article

    Breathing in energy, breathing out stress

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    早报数码Zaobao Digital:

    泡泡冰水减减压 Using cold immersion to reduce stress. Write up and video

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    Robb Report feature

    Charmaine Tai tries out different experiences to see if they can help in her worldview expansion
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    AsiaOne Feature

    I tried dunking myself in a tub of ice water for health benefits but discovered my inner strength instead
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    Breathwork for depression and hives

    How breathwork – ‘meditation on jet fuel’ – helped a cancer survivor overcome her depression and hives
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    10 Steps for Deeper Relaxation

    Via IG: @DeeplyCurious.co

    We make our best decisions, live and sleep better and are the most present when we are relaxed. A great indicator of contentment too, just think how different the world would be if everyone could relax more and manage their stress better... Wishing you deep relaxation

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    Podcast with A Different Path

    A chat with Yi Xian about Chun's journey in sports and biohacking
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    Sports Hub SG:

    Relieve stress and help your muscles recover with the Wim Hof Method

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    SquareOne Chiropractic: Wim Hof in Singapore

    Finding Peace in a Frantic World?

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    The Soothe: Cryotherapy explained - The natural healing benefits of cold therapy & the Wim Hof Method

    Missing a cold winter season? A bit of cold therapy, breathing exercises and a nice icy bath might help

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    End Inflammation Now

    This Trick Makes You Immune To Illness
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    Becoming Superhuman with Ice Man Wim Hof

    Spend four days with Wim Hof in the mountains of Poland

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    The Wim Hof Method Book

    The only definitive book authored by Wim Hof on his powerful method for realizing our physical and spiritual potential.
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    Wim Hof around the world

    Novak Djokovic

    Novak Djokovic and Wim Hof discuss Cold Therapy and Breathing Exercises

    Alistair Overeem

    By adopting Wim’s unique breathing techniques, UFC Heavyweight contender Alistair Overeem was able to bring his improved stamina into the Octagon.

    Russell Brand

    Heal Yourself with The Ice Shaman


    Wim shares with Ellen about how taking cold showers can help boost your energy and increase blood flow

    Eddie 'The Beast' Hall

    Spent the day with Wim Hof | The Tale of when he NEARLY DIED!!!
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