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How many ice cubes for an ice bath?

Ice bath calculator

The first time we tried to cool down an outdoor pool in 34°C weather, we severely underestimated the amount of ice required. $100 worth of ice disappeared in ONE MINUTE and the temperature only dipped slightly. Sorely disappointing and too late to order more ice last minute!
A few google searches later, we now have a decent ice cube estimation sheet so that other people will not face the same uncertainty next time.

Click the below link to use the online ice bath calculator, where you just have to input:
-Tub dimensions
-Number of ice bags & Weight per bag
-Water's room temperature
*** Measurements are all in metric ***

VOILA! You'll find out the end temperature based on how much ice you intend to put in.
Hope you find this useful and have a freezing good time!

WHM Ice bath calculator