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Wim Hof Method Guided Breathwork Tracks

Try a variety of options at the comfort of your home, hopping around to keep it fresh!

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As we learn and progress with our routines and habits towards becoming healthy, happy and strong, it's always fun to keep things interesting by looking at the same objective from different perspectives. Below are various options for the standard Wim Hof Method 3 rounds breathing of 30-40 breaths, then retention and recovery breath.

The videos below differ in pace, music, voice guidance and even breathing sound effects. Do try them out in order to find the best one that fits your practice, or just for that particular day you want to try something different.


Remember always do these practices seated or lying down, as purging of CO2 from the breathwork will make you light-headed. DO NOT PRACTICE IN WATER! You will be at risk of shallow water blackout/drowning if hyperventilating in water.

All other side effects like tingling around the face, ringing in the ears and cramping in the hands are common and will subside after a while. Do not force anything!

If you have any serious illnesses, always consult a medical professional before attempting.

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Slow Paced Guided Breathing

Official Wim Hof Breathing Bubble

3 Rounds Guided Breathwork very similar to a live class, with comforting encouragement!

Om Mantra-based with bits of encouragement from Wim

Diego Perassi's deep and comforting music-based breathwork (4 rounds &  6 rounds)


Soothing guided breathwork track on Spotify (3 rounds)

Unguided handpan instrumental breathwork (3 rounds, 3 mins meditation)