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Ice Bath Options

What are all the available options out there if I want my own cold plunge?

Since installing a chest freezer in my toilet in 2017 until now, I've managed to experience most offerings short of the really expensive stuff available. If you're looking to have your own ice bath at home, here are all the options I have tried, and that I know are out there. If you know of others, please leave a comment so I can update the list!

Starting from the simplest, cheapest option:

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1) Portable Bathtub $30

A foldable circular tub like this is ultra compact. Quick to fill to 1/3, add about 40kg of ice to get it below 10 Deg C, and a normal sized adult should be able to get in without overflow. The small size also means it is not as easy to immerse your face, so only your torso/shoulders get the cold.
Adding a bit of insulation and covering the top, you might be able to reuse the cold water 1-2 times before it warms up.
Ordering from Lazada Singapore via China, it should be cheap around $30 (Lazada link).
Ordering from Amazon immediately bumps it up to at least $100 (Amazon link).
If you're savvy enough, do an image search via Taobao app and use Ezbuy or SGShop to ship it in for you at an even cheaper price.

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2) Inflatable Pool $100

Moving up a size, a 2m long inflatable pool is great for up to 10 pax taking turns going in, as well as for individuals craving a full body ice dip.
You'll expect a longer time to fill the water to 1/3, and a lot more ice cubes required, usually around 180-200kg per fill. This can cost anywhere from $60-110 from an ice supplier.
The main benefit is it's very easy to keep away once you're done, so zero footprint.
However this plastic is not bombproof, so any single tear will leave you with a deflated or leaking tub that duct tape may not easily save.
Lazada Link
Amazon Link

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3) Chest Freezer $300-900

For a longer term home-based solution, this is my go-to.
You can find many second hand chest freezers available, or buy them brand new from the mall.
Chest freezers have cooling coils built in to maintain the cold without extra ice cubes needed, but to be treated like a swimming pool you'll need to maintain the water's cleanliness.
A filter is necessary and can be chosen from aquarium submersible filters, or brands like INTAX who have filters for above ground pools. General in-line drinking water filters can be used but you'll need to attach a pump and figure out all the adapters and flow rate.
Cleaning the water can be done by chlorine, ozone, or hydrogen peroxide, depending on your skin sensitivity and ease of access to these materials.
The facebook group Chest Freezezr Cold Plunge has over 20k members all talking about these options, join in to dig more info.

In my personal setup, I use a Liebherr chest freezer with a non-metal internal which has performed extremely well for me. To clean it, I use a JED203 ozone generator (USD 500) and an intax krystal clear filter (SGD 170), plus frequent cleaning/replacing of filter element at SGD 10 each on average. All equipment is connected via WiFi smart plugs (SGD 25 each) so my phone can take care of all routines remotely.


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4) Water Chiller + Inflatable tub ($4000)

My next setup was for portability and ease of setting up in other locations without a ton of ice cube logistics, in exchange for time to cool the water.
This ice bath machine has a UV tube to clean the water, plus a tiny metal mesh to trap dirt, but I don't see the benefits for short term use. If fused frequently, my main issue was power supply. A 10A power draw creates a lof of heat, so a typical extension cord would burn out. Either plug this short power cord direct to the wall socket, or buy a high ampere extension cord (about $50).
The machine I use costs around SGD 3000, and I decided to pair it with an inflatable tub (SGD 700) for portability. This tub is the same as an inflatable stand up paddle board so it can sustain a high pressure, is very tough, and provides great support. Users also feedback that the height is way better to get into compared to a chest freezer one has to "climb" into.
The combination was separately purchased from Alibaba suppliers which are a dime a dozen now. I needed to ensure both sides knew what hose fittings they were using so the connections matched. Includding shipping costs, this setup can be around SGD 3500-4500.
If anything breaks, like a failed pump or burnt PCB, you'll have to reach out via Alibaba for them to ship in replacement components to fix. If you go for the cheapest option here, be prepared for cheap components and frequent self repairs.

Companies prodiving this setup:

[Within Singapore]


Offers rental services which are very popular in Singapore if you want to try it out before purchase.


Locally designed with 2 stage filter and ozone treatment, and app control for lower power consumption. The running noise is very quiet as well.

Use HYPERTHRIVE discount code for a $500 discount or click below link

[Outside Singapore]






Or buy your own and figure everything out yourself regarding logistics, connectors and maintenance. Example links below, do your own research!
Inflatable Tub Alibaba Link
Water Chiller Alibaba Link


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5) Commercial Cold Plunge ($5000-$30000)

Now people are getting serious and building these beautiful purpose-built machines all over the world. I also heard that Singapore may have their own soon, so I hope to update news of that soon. Meanwhile, I'll drop a bunch of options below for you to explore on your own.

The OG:

Recently popular, Shark Tank-invested: (Chest Freezer Cold Plunge group founder John Richter has a RICHTER discount code and referal link you can use, this puts food on his table so help an enthusiast out!)

Morozko premium plunges:

Brass Monkey:

Blue Cube baths that add on a freezing blast of water into your chest:

Odin round cedar baths:

Avant's professional grade plunges


Ice Barrel



I hope this information helps you get a feel of what's available out there, and what options you have for DIY.
Wishing you a freezing good time, and may you never fall sick and live forever!