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Where to do Ice Dips in Singapore

In sunny Singapore where it's summertime all year round, where do you find a sub-zero cold plunge to reap its health benefits?

The idea of plunging into ice cold waters is gradually being accepted as something mainstream and even worth practicing regularly. As this is still a new concept in Singapore, not many places have cold plunge facilities available. Here's a guide on existing ice bath options in Singapore you can pay to use. Hopefully this will be updated as more businesses make cold plunges readily available to the public.


1) Soma Haus

Soma Haus in Joo Chiat has big standing tubs that average around 10-12 Deg C, or request it to be chilled a few degrees lower if you prefer. Other than their ice bath, you can also book a combo Sweat and Freeze to utilize a powerful infrared sauna for contrast therapy.
If all these are intimidating or boring to you, then there's also guided Contrast Therapy workshops held monthly to understand how to utilize various protocols to bring you results aligned to what your body needs.

Address: 108/110 Joo Chiat Road #01-01 Singapore 427401
Tel: +65 9637 9539

2) Sphere

Sphere gym at Cecil Street offers a great facility for personal fitness on the first floor, followed by a recovery suite on the second floor including sensory deprivation float tanks. You can choose a "warmer" plunge at 10-12 Deg C, or request for another room for a colder shock of around 5 Deg C. Utilizing the semi-private group training session, you will be able to see how the combination helps with painkilling after a strenuous workout.

Address: 137 Cecil St, #01-02/03, Singapore 069537
Tel: +65 9192 3554

3) Trapeze Rec Club

Trapeze Rec Club at Tanjong Pagar has four floors of facilities for training, nutrition and recovery. Their ice plunge is a single unit situated on an open air space next to a traditional sauna, which is actually interesting to compare against IR saunas from other facilities. Beyond self service, they also have guided group classes available.

Address: 27 Tg Pagar Rd, Singapore 088450
Tel: +65 9296 4927


4) Hyperactiv

At Hyperactiv's home studio in Bishan, we provide ice bath classes in a variety of formats. Fundamentals workshops are held monthly to share a slew of theory, exercises, and breath and cold exposure. Attendees then become a part of the regulars called Hoffers, who have access to weekly training sessions.

Address: 25 Pemimpin Place, Singapore 576022
Tel: +65 9863 2578


Spaces with pop-up ice bath classes

5) Altered States

Situated in Kallang, Altered States is an extension of Palm Ave Float Club right above it. This is where holistic wellness activities can be further explored. This one-of-a-kind space in Singapore curates facilitators to cover a unique range of activities that engage your mind, body and soul.
It does not have pay-to-use cold plunge facilities, and instead has guided Breathwork and Icebath group classes twice a month, and you get to experience what it's like to go deep into the practice together as a group. The ice baths are conducted on the ground floor behind the building in inflatable pools.
Numbers are usually around 10-14 pax and tickets sell out quite quickly, so do book in advance.

Address: 66 Kampong Bugis, Level 4, Singapore 338987

6) Tiong Bahru

A monthly pop-up guided class suitable for both first timers as well as regular practitioners, this is an intimate class located in the quaint neighbourhood of Tiong Bahru. After a breathwork preparatory session, participants head towards the backyard there inflatable pools filled with ice await. Classes happen only one Friday a month.

Address: 72 Seng Poh Rd, Blk 72 #01-61, Singapore 160072
Tel: +65 9863 2578





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