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My Nutrition Journey

A Deep Dive into Gut Health and Inflammation

In my quest for longevity, I've explored various avenues—from breathwork to ice baths—but I've come to realize that a significant part of my well-being hinges on what I put into my body. However, it's daunting to realize that I don't truly know the state of the inner ecosystem that I'm nourishing.

Enter science.

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My journey began with a gut health test from, where a humble sample of my poop revealed a concerning lack of diversity in my gut microbiome. This imbalance could potentially be fueling various inflammation issues that I've been grappling with. One reason I went with Amili is because their database is based on people living in Asia, something which sat better with me compared to my previous test by Viome which focused on US data, plus my samples were sent via local mail instead of international shipment.

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To corroborate these findings, I turned to @mitohealthapp for blood, urine, and further poop tests, which indicated elevated inflammation markers, particularly HSCRP.

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To make sense of the data overload, I sought guidance from @core.holistic. Their expertise in dissecting lifestyle and dietary habits, coupled with a thorough analysis of the test reports, helped paint a clearer picture of the gaps in my nutrition.

But understanding the problem is only half the battle. Armed with insights from my consultations, I enlisted the help of AI to generate a customized week-by-week grocery list and meal plan tailored to my specific needs. With my Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) calculated by Bodytrax at @fitnessfirst_sg, I had a holistic approach to my nutrition laid out before me.

And for those days when motivation wanes, I've got a secret weapon: @loadedgunkitchen, a kickass private chef who can whip up every meal on my plan or provide invaluable cooking lessons to ensure I stay on track.

But let's not forget—the real work begins internally. While I don't anticipate a miraculous transformation overnight, I'm hopeful for subtle improvements in mood, energy levels, and a reduction in inflammatory responses when my body is pushed to its limits.

This meticulous approach isn't just about avoiding blindly consuming supplements; it's about understanding what my body truly needs, ensuring optimal absorption, and maximizing the efficacy of every nutrient consumed.

If you're intrigued to embark on a similar journey of self-discovery and optimization, I invite you to explore Gut Health Pathways by @wearehyperactiv. It's time to take charge of your nutrition and pave the way for a healthier, more vibrant future.

To your health and longevity!


P.S. Dive deeper into your gut health journey at Hyperactiv Gut Health Pathways. Let's nourish our bodies from the inside out! Hyperactiv is currently the only partner of Amili to provide gut health testing outside of a clinical setting!