• Wim Hof Method

    Advanced Workshop

    In this workshop, the pillars of the Wim Hof Method will be expanded and elaborated upon: cold exposure, breathing exercises and commitment. You will learn new and advanced techniques in the Wim Hof Method. Upon completion, you will have the tools you need to improve your energy flow, increase your body’s flexibility and mind focus - gaining this awareness will help you enhance the mind-body connection.


    Who is this workshop for?


    Although not mandatory, a Fundamentals workshop experience is recommended for those taking a step further in this direction.





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    Wim Hof Method Singapore - 25 Pemimpin Place S-576022

    Held on the 3rd floor yoga room in a quiet residential estate

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    Activity: Recap

    Covering some points of what Fundamentals was about, before diving deeper into the unique mental states that allowed Wim Hof to achieve his amazing feats.

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    Activity: Breath work

    Beyond the typical WHM breathwork protocol, we explore the Power Breathing method that leads practitioners deeper into their inner self.

    Observe as your thinking brain quietens, and it is replaced by feeling from the heart.

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    Activity: Ice bath & more

    A deeper experience towards cold exposure will be available, together with a more powerful method of creating intense heat from within your body using Brown Fat Activation.


    We may participate in more challenges, but this shall remain a surprise so that your mind can learn to take things as they come, instead of having every detail laid out for preparation, as life is usually not like that.