• Holotropic Breathwork Singapore

    Led by Singapore's only certified Holotropic Breathwork instructor, experience this unique method to dive deep within yourself in a safe guided environment for self healing.


  • What to expect

    Get to know your group in the opening circle, experience a simple breathwork round before entering into the full breathwork process. As thoughts and feelings naturally emerge, allow yourself to go through this journey while being taken care of.

    Each person will derive their own meaning and attain self-discovery in whatever form that means for them.

    Quick Breathing

    Using music and prompts, you will be controlling your breath patterns to eventually enter into a state where your mental, emotional and physical self are influenced. Effects of hyperventilation are felt and all under your control throughout the practice.

    Altered States

    The breathing gradually shifts you towards a higher consciousness. This feeling of awawkening can be cathartic, therapeutic or used for expanding awareness in your spiritual practice.


    Mental health conditions or trauma could come forward during a session if it is necessary for healing, but this will not be known prior to the session as each person will have a unique, self-directed experience which unfolds on its own as the breathing progresses.

    Safety and guidance

    Your journey is facilitated by experienced breathwork instructors. A comfortable and safe space is arranged for you, and sharing of experiences shall be kept confidential. Any support you might need along the way will be provided for you.

    If you wish to remain in isolation, or do not feel the need to speak or share about your journey, this shall also be respected.

  • Itinerary


    3pm: Opening circle

    315pm: Wim Hof Method basic breathwork

    330pm: Holotropic breathwork

    515pm: Closing circle

    545pm: End



    Early bird price of S$150 available by 20 May, using HOLO20 discount code.


    25 Pemimpin Place Singapore 576022

    Who should avoid Holotropic Breathwork

    For anyone considering trying holotropic breathing, it is a good idea to discuss possible risks with your healthcare provider before embarking on this alternative practice, especially if you have any of the following conditions:


    Cardiovascular disease

    Heart attacks, high blood pressure, and angina

    Glaucoma or retinal detachment

    Recent injury or surgery

    Any condition that requires you to take medication

    Panic attacks or psychosis


    Severe mental illness

    Aneurysms (or family history)

    You are pregnant or are breastfeeding

    Refund policy

    Before 17 May: Full refund

    18-23 May: 50% refund

    24 May onwards: No refund except illness or accident

  • Facilitators


    Tan Chun Yih

    Chun is a breathwork and cold immersion instructor teaching the Wim Hof Method since 2019. After experiencing inflammation from multiple sports activities for 15 years, his journey towards wellness has exposed him to multiple teachers and methods.


    After experiencing burnout from work, he now works full time to provide people a way out from stress-related harm to the body and mind. Using breathwork and cold exposure as a primary tool, as well as mobility and mindfulness to dive deeper, he hopes to provide a safe space to further explore how various protocols can improve the body, mind and spirit to live a meaningful, pain-free life filled with joy and ease.



    Punam’s passion for fitness and yoga spans two decades. Starting with taekwondo, she branched into fitness and aerobics, attaining her certifications through the Singapore Sports Council and the American Council on Exercise. But the mother of two grown up boys realised early that there was more to fitness than just the physical dimension. Believing in a holistic approach to wellness at all levels, Punam is qualified as a Usui Reiki master and EMF healer.

    Punam is a Holotropic Breathwork Practitioner and one of the first in Asia to be certified by Grof Transpersonal Training USA. She holds a BSc in Yogic Sciences and is a yoga therapist, instructor, and kundalini kriya yoga practitioner.

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