• Frequently Asked Questions

    I'm interested to try your classes, where do I start?

    For a taster, you can try a 90min introduction. These are held at our Pemimpin location, as well as Altered States (Kallang), Soma Haus (Joo Chiat) and monthly Experience pop ups at Tiong Bahru. Moving foward, the full class is a 4.5hr Fundamentals covering all you need to know for theory and application of the method, as well as joining the local training group for regular classes.

    I'm afraid of the cold, is this suitable?

    All humans SHOULD be afraid of the cold. Our approach ensures you total safety and control over the experience to approach this stressful fear with a huge range of tested protocols. Enough guinea pigs and bad experiences since 2018 has taught me how to guide practically anyone into breathing exercises and cold exposure.

    Can I book just your facilities without guidance?

    Nope, all classes are guided.

    If you wish to use facilities unguided, look for our friends Soma Haus (Joo Chiat) and Sphere (Cecil St).

    How often should I do this?

    Breathwork benefits can be felt 4-24 hours after practice and can be done daily.

    Ice bath benefits can be felt 1-7 days after practice and can be done weekly, accumulating up to 11 minutes a week for ideal benefits.

    If you wish to try contrast therapy, then sauna for up to 54 minutes a week accumulated can also bring further benefits.

    Do I get an ice tub for myself or is it shared?

    Breathwork benefits can be felt 4-24 hours after practice and can be done daily.

    Ice bath benefits can be felt 1-7 days after practice and can be done weekly, accumulating up to 11 minutes a week for ideal benefits.

    If you wish to try contrast therapy, then sauna for up to 54 minutes a week accumulated can also bring further benefits.

    How many participants per class?

    Anywhere between 1 and 15 pax can be expected.

    Alternatively, you can also book a private class for just you or your friends/family/colleagues.

    These start at $250 for 1 or 2 pax, or add 30% to have it any location you want, subject to schedule availability.

    After the introduction, how do I continue this practice?

    You can consider a full 4.5hr Fundamentals workshop to be able to join regular group classes held three times a week (Tue 10am, Wed 7pm, Sat 10am), or try unguided sessions at Soma Haus or Sphere where they have ice tubs for use daily.

    This seems a little too spiritual/woo-woo for me, is there more beyond this?

    Physically you will feel better doing this in terms of heart rate, sleep scores and blood pressure. The Science behind the method proves this.

    Mentally you will go through states of vulnerability, self-talk and likely empowerment in order to deal with the stress response.

    Spiritually, some people experience sneak peeks or even breakthrough moments into what science cannot measure but we all know exists. It's impossible to chase, and usually just happens when the time is right.

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