• Breathwork & Icebath

    Conquer stress & boost energy with HyperActiv's Breathwork & Ice Bath combo! ❄️🔥

    Learn a scientifically-proven and safe way to cool down from the heat, cure a hangover or instantly remove stress and feel relaxed from Singapore's first Wim Hof Method certified instructor Chun, teaching since 2019!


    This powerful package combines the deep relaxation of breathwork with the invigorating rush of an ice bath, leaving you feeling refreshed, energized, and ready to tackle anything.


    • Melt away stress & anxiety in Singapore: Master science-backed breathwork techniques to calm your mind and ease tension, perfect for tourists dealing with jet lag.
    • Boost energy & mood: Conquer brain fog and fatigue with the invigorating power of an ice bath in Singapore.
    • Build resilience & immunity: Improve your body's stress response and strengthen your immune system while exploring the vibrant city of Singapore.


    The most popular class we have: try Breathwork & Ice Bath today and unlock your full potential!

    Want to dive deeper? Check out our FUNDAMENTALS workshop for more detailed theory, and additional ways to improve your strength and mindset with this method!

    *Completing Fundamentals allows you access to our private group for multi-pack purchases at discounted rates*