• Breathwork & Ice Bath

    Introduction Workshops

    Understand how stress affects our breath, physical and mental response.

    Learn how to utilize stress to empower yourself to be stronger, more resilient, yet able to relax and recover more effectively using less time and effort.

    Learn and utilize simple breathwork protocols to keep stresses under your control.

    Experience an ice bath of 3-5 Deg Celcius in sunny Singapore, under supervision of a certified Wim Hof Method instructor.


    This is a class covering all 3 pillars of the Wim Hof Method (Breathwork, Cold Exposure, Mindset), without too much theory and shorter rounds of breath and ice just to see how it feels. Suitable for all!





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    Activity: Breathwork

    Observe how your body reacts to a stressful situation.

    Then learn how to manipulate your breath to gain control over your own stress response system.

    Hack it and dive deep into your body and mind to unlock efficient oxygenation, deep relaxation and effective introspection and meditation.

    Come out feeling calm and energised.

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    Activity: Ice bath

    Completely optional if you don't feel like it.

    Learn tried-and-tested methods to approach an ice bath powerfully and calmly.

    You will be guided progressively step by step to prepare your mind and body for the cold, with gradual exposure in bite-sized pieces to make sure you are fully prepared for more.

    Warm up exercises to reheat the body using your own "super powers".

    Come out happier, empowered and look forward to a positive mood shift, lower blood pressure and better sleep for the night.

  • Classes Available

    Various locations and class types.

    Wear something comfortable for breathwork, and bring along clothes to get wet in and a towel.

    Breathwork Basics Altered States

    No ice involved, just be guided using your own breath to destress from the day and sleep well at night.

    Held at Altered States, Kallang

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    *For Sept 13/27 only, 1230pm at Impact @ Hong Lim

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    Wim Hof Tiong Bahru

    Suitable for first timers as well as regulars to use breath and cold immersion to handle stress in a safe and healthy manner, leading to relaxation, calorie burn and increased resilience.

    Held at Tiong Bahru Seng Poh Rd, Blk 72 #01-61.


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    Contrast Therapy Wim Hof Method Soma Haus

    Group Classes

    Whether you are a first timer or seasoned practitioner, join our regular group classes at Bishan to progress at your own pace!


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    Wim Hof Method Altered States

    Big group class of up to 14 pax, great for first timers to experience group breathwork and a fun afternoon doing an exciting activity with a bunch of new friends.

    Held at Altered States, Kallang.


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