• Brothers Retreat

    Brothers, we welcome you to a powerful and transformative experience on this full day men's retreat, the first of its kind in Singapore, that incorporates dynamic meditation, conscious movement practice, non-violent communication, and ice baths to enhance your sense of inner warrior, connect with your inner child and welcome the feminine energy to open our hearts towards a unique opportunity for communication with others and personal growth. Come join us as we embark on this new story together, being conscious and compassionate as men.

  • What to expect

    Enter a safe and supportive space for men to explore emotions, personal growth and relationship with themselves and others by the following phases:

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    Explore Dynamic Meditation: a fast, intense and thorough way to break old, ingrained patterns in the bodymind that keeps one imprisoned in the past, and to experience the freedom, the witnessing, silence and peace that are hidden behind those prison walls.

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    Learn to connect by speech and movement. Within a safe, guided and confidential talking circle, open up about topics that are difficult to approach even with your own partner, family, friends or colleagues. You may also simply observe or help others with your own experiences. A movement practice based on dance and silat then establishes a healthy connection with other men.

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    Learn how to use Non-Violent Communication tools to enhance your ability to express feelings and needs effectively, avoiding unnecessary conflict and improving compassion and empathy for yourself and others. Besides self expression, you will also learn and practice empathic listening and be better at being attentive and responsive to others' inputs during conversations.

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    Experience the visceral experience of breathwork and guided ice bath. While physically challenging, the main goal will be to enter into a deeply introspective state of mind and spirit where you might see possibilities of overcoming challenges or to practice self forgiveness.

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    Embark on a vegan Malay gastronomic journey via Schira Hassan's Tanaman Menu. Begin with kueh bakar shitake quiche and oat tarik tea, move to bunga telang rice and kelor leaves lemak at dusk. Relish grilled lion mane shrooms, "botok-botok" tofu, turmeric tempeh, and sambal belachan belimbing. Explore cincalok and torch ginger kesum pesto, concluding with tapioca bingka and a six-spice golden mylk latte.

  • Itinerary



    7am Registration

    715am Breathwork and Ice Bath

    930am Light breakfast

    10am Brother's Circle

    12pm Lunch

    1pm Brother's Circle

    230pm Movement practice

    3pm Dynamic meditation

    5pm Non-violent Communication

    7pm Dinner and closing





    25 Pemimpin Place Singapore 576022

    Refund policy

    Cancellations 2 weeks before - 100%

    Cancellations 1 week before - 50%

    No refunds within 48 hrs, except in case of illness or accident

  • Facilitators


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    Tan Chun Yih

    Chun is a breathwork and cold immersion instructor teaching the Wim Hof Method since 2019. After experiencing inflammation from multiple sports activities for 15 years, his journey towards wellness has exposed him to multiple teachers and methods.
    After experiencing burnout from work, he now works full time to provide people a way out from stress-related harm to the body and mind. Using breathwork and cold exposure as a primary tool, as well as mobility and mindfulness to dive deeper, he hopes to provide a safe space to further explore how various protocols can improve the body, mind and spirit to live a meaningful, pain-free life filled with joy and ease.
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    Hafeez Hassan

    Hafeez Hassan is a professional choreographer, functional rehab specialist, and movement coach. He has been in the performing arts industry for over 15 years. Known for his “dynamic movement design” on stage, Hafeez has been involved in numerous productions, both as a performer and choreographer. Due to the nature of his job, his passion for physical movement grew and his curiosity brought him into the fitness industry.
    After spending many years looking for a sustainable way to maintain his physical health, Hafeez discovered that the best way was also the simplest—by walking. He now integrates his spiritual practices in dance, yoga, and silat with functional corrective exercises. This is how he aims to align the body, mind, and spirit, so as to achieve a peaceful body and a more empowered posture when moving.
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    Swami Antar Nadam

    For nearly 25 years, Nadam has been helping individuals, corporations and government agencies explore the field of organisational and personal performance through skills upgrading and development. His role as a trainer, coach, and consultant sees him engage people at all levels, from the man on the street to national level workforce projects.
    Through the lens of this experience, Nadam sees the need for holistic development, where skills upgrading is complemented by emotional and spiritual building. To this end, he holds space for meditation, a foundation for individuals to build their emotional and spiritual health and well-being.
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    Mayuko Vermeulen

    Mayuko is a certified singing bowl practitioner, yoga teacher, and Nonviolent Communication (NVC) practitioner.
    She is committed to providing extensive instruction and counselling to her clients, while motivating them to become their healthiest self and find true inner peace. Ever since she discovered the healing benefits of singing bowls, she started to apply therapeutic sounds in her daily routine and found deep transformation.
    Mayuko strongly believes in keeping the balance between body, mind, heart and soul. She aims to create a warm sacred space within, and to help people align with the present moment.
  • Brother's Retreat

    Of course I will recommend more men to join the brothers retreat. Such spaces are precious and we always need more spaces for the learning and practising of healthy masculinities. The brothers retreat have managed to build a community of healthy men and I hope this community can grow. For myself, I found clarity, support, and a brotherhood I will cherish. I wish more men can experience it too


    Brother's Retreat

    All in all, it was one hell of an experience, loved the new connections made and the safe space created. Thank you all for making it happen. Especially to the organisers, thank you for every single thing, from the planning to the execution. Not gonna lie, shoulders and back was aching abit yesterday but it was worth it 👍🏼


    Brother's Retreat

    I thoroughly enjoyed challenging myself physically and mentally through dynamic meditation and the Wim Hof method and emotionally by allowing myself to be vulnerable with a group of men. I come away from the retreat refreshed and reenergized and have plenty of takeaways to apply in my daily life. Highly recommend!


    Testimonials - Brothers Circle


    The Brothers Circle has helped me realise the diversity of masculinity. It is a gathering of men with a sense of awareness of their imperfections, strengths and the willingness to dive in deep for more knowledge. Through conversations of our individual experiences and getting in tune with our authenticity through movement and physical interactions, I got to be in contact with my essence and learn how it affects my attitude towards other men and the feminine energy. It is a reminder that i am not alone, and that we all need each other. Thank you Brothers Circle.

    - Gino Flordeliza Babagay


    Testimonial - Dynamic Meditation

    “The process allowed me to experience a deep “release” and after which a sense of calm, relaxation and peace.

    The practice was guided by Nadam who was extremely clear with instructions and made me feel comfortable and safe to express my reactions to the “release”

    - Francesca

    Testimonial - Breath work and Ice bath

    Great experience and Chun was very inspiring and informative. Mr. Chun was fantastic, knowledgeable, professional and humble. He was very calm and yet excite us about the benefits and the journey! He helped me to calm down in the water and supported our group beautifully. Many thanks for an extraordinary experience, soon to be a way of life :)


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