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  • What is Oxygen Advantage?

    Proper breathing techniques are foundational to both physical and mental wellness. They enhance oxygen exchange, improve energy levels, and promote relaxation, helping to reduce stress and anxiety. Mastering these techniques can lead to improved sleep, better concentration, and a stronger immune system, laying the groundwork for a healthier lifestyle and enhanced well-being. Embracing the power of breath can transform your life, offering a simple yet profound tool for maintaining health and achieving balance.


    Improvements with practice include:

    Enhanced athletic performance and endurance.

    Reduced breathlessness and improved breathing techniques.

    Better stress management and sleep quality.

    Increased energy levels and focus.

    Improvements in conditions such as asthma or anxiety through effective breath control. 

  • Programs



    Discover the essentials of effective breathing with our beginner's program. Learn to control your breath through simple, impactful exercises, improving your stress management, sleep, and overall well-being. Perfect for those starting their journey towards healthier breathing habits.



    Build upon the basics with more advanced techniques aimed at optimizing your breathing efficiency. This program introduces strategies for nasal decongestion, increased CO2 tolerance, and integrating breathing practices into daily activities. Ideal for those ready to take their breathing skills to the next level.





    Achieve mastery over your breath with high-intensity training and altitude simulation exercises designed for peak performance. This advanced workshop is tailored for individuals looking to push their limits, improve endurance, and enhance physical and mental stamina through sophisticated breathing techniques.







  • Program Details

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    Learning to control your breathing can significantly improve your health, stress levels, and overall well-being. These foundational practices develop awareness and control over your breathing, laying the groundwork for more advanced techniques.



    -Breathe Light (Biochemistry): Reducing breathing volume to manage CO2 sensitivity.

    -Breathe Deep (Biomechanics): Diaphragmatic breathing for improved oxygenation.

    -Breathe Slow (Cadence): Slowing down breathing to improve efficiency and reduce stress.

    Dynamic silhouette of a woman in a mountain climber pose with a dramatic red and blue light backdrop, illustrating strength and flexibility, vital for effective breathing and core control


    These intermediate practices enhance the body's ability to utilize oxygen efficiently, further reducing stress and improving respiratory and cardiovascular health. They also begin to challenge the body's CO2 tolerance, a critical step towards advanced breathing techniques.



    -Breathe Light Slow Deep (LSD): Integrating biochemistry, biomechanics, and cadence for optimal breathing.

    -Decongest the Nose: Techniques to clear nasal passages for better nasal breathing.

    -Breath Hold Activation: Using breath holds to increase CO2 tolerance and improve oxygen delivery.

    Energetic woman jogging on an urban bridge at sunrise, exhibiting a perfect form that showcases the integration of Oxygen Advantage breathing techniques into cardiovascular training.


    Advanced techniques aim to significantly enhance physical performance, resilience, and recovery. By incorporating breathing practices into physical activity, participants can unlock new levels of endurance, power, and mental clarity.



    -Simulation of Altitude Training: Advanced breath control to improve endurance and strength.

    -Breathe Light Slow and Deep While Walking/Jogging: Applying breathing techniques during physical activity.

    -High-Intensity Interval Breathing: Incorporating breath control into high-intensity training for peak performance.


  • Testimonials

    The Oxygen Advantage has helped my Olympians become more aware of their breathing. We practice nasal breathing during foam rolling, warm ups, cool downs and during certain prescribed exercise. I would highly recommend Oxygen Advantage to any coach looking to get any additional benefit for their athletes.”



    “As a top level soccer player I have always had to be in top condition in order to compete and outperform my competitors. When it came to endurance I was always one of the most fit players, but I never knew I could become more fit just by learning to breathe correctly. Thanks to Patrick McKeown’s Oxygen Advantage and his team, I have seen a transformation not only in my training and performance, but in my overall well being. The results from learning to breathe correctly will only continue to make me a better player!“


    Professional National Women’s Soccer League Player





    “At the age of 55, one of my joys in life is training for and competing in sprint triathlons. Becoming efficient with available time is crucial for me to be able to compete well, maintain a full time practice and still spend quality time with my wife and children. This year I discovered Oxygen Advantage® and implemented it’s breathing techniques while swimming, biking and running. It taught me how to be more effective in my breathing and I soon noticed that during routine workouts I was very familiar with, I was breathing easier and noticeably less fatigued. The benefits of my new breathing became very apparent to me during my last triathlon, which I have competed in three times, when I reduced my 750m swim time by 2 minutes (as compared to my previous best) and subsequently won the Master’s Division which is comprised of those over 40. Additionally, I even came in 3rd overall.“


    This program has been a remarkable tool to improve my training and my everyday well-being.“





    “The materials and concepts Patrick McKeown brings us in ‘The Oxygen Advantage®’ are consistent with currently accepted western medical physiologic theories and, surprisingly, correlate well with the philosophies of many eastern sciences. Please remember that not everyone breathes in the same way, but only those who breathe in the right way will gain the best benefits from their physical exercise.“


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