• Breathwork Basics Completion

    Great job completing your Breathwork Basics workshop!


    Here's a recap on what we went through:
    Breathwork - Getting comfortable, able to expand lungs freely without constriction. It is recommended to do this before eating or right after you wake up.
    30 deep breaths in short powerful bursts at a steady pace using your midriff fully. You could experience some light-headedness or tingling sensations in the body.
    After 30 breaths, draw the breath in once more, filling to max capacity, then let the air out and hold as long as you can without force until you experience the gasp reflex.
    Recovery breath with one full inhale, holding for about 15 seconds.
    This is one round, you can repeat 3/4 times. Take your time to enjoy the feelings afterward, similar to a meditation session.


    To continue trying it yourself, this link has a few of my favourite tracks to breathe to, including my own instrumental piece.


  • What's next?

    Here is the current list of workshops available

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    Intro: Breathwork Basics

    A 75min breathing-only session exploring how control of our breath affects everything else.

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    Intro: Breathwork and Icebath

    Together with breathwork, be guided into a stage-by-stage cold immersion slowly and safely, to experience the combined effect off the Wim Hof Method in just 90 mins.

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    Intro: Contrast Therapy

    One of the rare spots in Singapore to provide both ice cold water as well as infrared sauna facilities, workshops here explore the protocol with a layer of heat stacked on top for further exploration.

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    Practitioner: Fundamentals

    First proper step in WHM involving 4.5 hours of theory, breath, exercise and proper ice dips, as well as entry to our private practitioners chat group for further training sessions.


    Fundamentals 4-part also available for those who can't make this schedule.

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    Practitioner: Advanced

    Deep power breaths, long ice dips and everything else that pushes the body and mind beyond the comfort zone, in a safe guided manner. Combo packs with Fundamentals available.

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    Practitioner: Group Training

    Tapping on the community of enthusiasts who like to regularly experience hypoxia and inch the body towards hypothermia while feeling all sorts of growth in resilience, caloric burn or stress reduction, every session is always different due to the people you meet, stories shared and the ever-changing challenges dished out. *Fundamentals mandatory*

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    Offer: ThriveX Cold Plunge $500 off

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