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    Featuring some of our past locations. If you don't have an instructor near you, any workshops from short introductions to full-on retreats can be organized for you, your friends and family, or staff and colleagues. Reach out to discuss!

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    Kathmandu, Nepal




    Private Classes

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    A full week spent in Kathmandu gave us the chance to experience breathwork and ice baths at 1,400m base elevation.

    Multiple days of workshops from short introductions, proper deep dives with Fundamentals and Advance half day workshops gave the folks here something they would remember.

    We also offered private classes for some who preferred a quiet session for their family, and transported 200kg of ice cubes all the way to their front yard!


    Co-organized by Eleven11 Productions with some gifts graciously sponsored by Pokka and Singapore Airlines.

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    Hokkaido, Japan


    WHM Introduction

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    An evening spent with a lovely bunch in one of the snowiest places on earth. After breathwork was conducted, we headed outdoors for a cold plunge. That night happened to receive a cold dip to -19 Deg C!

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    Jakarta, Indonesia

    WHM Fundamentals


    Organized for Young Presidents' Organization (YPO) in Jakarta, this one day workshop was put together to enable the local community of Chief Executives to utilize not just the physical benefits of breathwork and ice baths, but to further dive into how the lessons learnt could positively benefit their personal and professional lives.
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    Langkawi, Malaysia

    Space Holders Certification

    The Ritz Carlton Hotel in Langkawi became the first hotel in the area to initiate guided ice baths as part of their wellness transformation. Their spa team was trained to provide safe guidance for hotel guests to use ice baths as part of their recovery treatment. This course also covered personal development, presentation training and the work behind the scenes for logistics preparation and how to look out for and react to emergencies.

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    Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

    WHM Introduction

    Else Hotel, a boutique establishment that's part of the Michelin Guide hotel selection, had its management team experience the effectiveness of breathwork and cold exposure. With multiple roles to manage while ensuring every hotel guest has an unforgettable moment, stress management and the ability to calm down under duress becomes extremely important. The immediate stress and relaxation methods were felt and could then be used anytime they need to.