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    Welcome to our transformative wellness community, where science meets spirituality and ancient practices merge seamlessly with modern techniques. At our core is a method backed by rigorous scientific research. We have taken these foundational principles and elevated them, crafting a unique approach that transcends traditional boundaries. 


    Guidance by officially certified Wim Hof Method and Oxygen Advantage instructor Chun Yih Tan.

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    15 Jun 1pm 3hrs

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    16/22 Jun - 3pm Hypoxia Training

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    16 Jun 10am

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    Breath & Ice Session

    For first timers and regulars, join any of our upcoming sessions!

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  • The Science Behind Our Method:

    Science-backed breathing & cold therapy for deeper joy, resilience, and rest.


    Forget fads - HyperActiv uses proven techniques rooted in research. Read more Here

    Unlock benefits like:


    Boosted joy: Feel naturally uplifted with powerful breathwork.

    Unbreakable resilience: Cold exposure builds mental and physical strength.

    Rest like never before: Melt away stress for deep, restorative sleep.


    Experience the science, feel the results. Start your HyperActiv journey today!

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  • Beyond the Basics:

    We go beyond the basics.


    HyperActiv classes aren't just about breathwork and ice baths. We add special touches for deep relaxation and inner exploration:


    Specialized techniques: Unlock your potential with unique exercises.

    Effective communication: Share and connect in a supportive space.

    Targeted mobility work: Move with ease and feel amazing.

    It's a haven for your nervous system where you can truly disconnect and discover your full potential.

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    Higher oxygenation from breath-hold exercises

    Lowered resting heart rate after using stress as a training tool

    Post-ice bath reheating exercises increase metabolism

    Blood vessels constrict and dilate due to cold, improving cardiovascular system

    Manually shift nervous system into a sympathetic state to trigger Fight or Flight, then drop gears deep into parasympathetic and trigger deeper Rest and Relaxation

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    Stress becomes less powerful against you when under guidance and in a safe space

    Allowing stress to build up more than before in this training space, you can monitor the associated reactions and even choose your own response, empowering you against an otherwise instinctive survival mechanism





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    When you learn to connect authentically to your inner voice, it could become more obvious as you go along what your body really needs, what your mind truly thinks, and where your journey should head towards.

    These answers can be accessed after your strong mind sorts through the clutter, and your mind can be strengthened through regular physical training.




    DO NOT attempt any breathing exercises if you are pregnant, have heart conditions, or are epileptic due to hypoxic conditions that occur to the body. NEVER do the breath exercises in or near water due to the risk of losing consciousness or drowning. Learn more about Shallow Water Blackout below

  • Chun was a great instructor, held the space well for us, gave clear guidance that inspired trust, motivation and non-judgement.

    I find the ice my friend now and look forward to the next dip.

    Tracy P

    Chun was great! Looking forward to continuing my education.

    Mitch C

    I found the session very well run and enjoyed our experience. Look forward to future learnings!

    Eunice F

    Great workshop with Chun. He is creating a positive respectful and conducive environment to learn and share!

    Chun is making it different each time and letting us experiment. He is closely following each of us in our progress

    Quitterie M

    I felt immediately relaxed in the environment provided. Small group and perfect setting. Coach, was very clear and engaging and I found myself totally focused for 4+ hours. I have been practicing (poorly) the method for some months, and this face to face setting just clarified a lot of open questions...
    The breathing exercises were incredible and I felt amazing after, wanting more.
    The ice baths were surprisingly easier than i first thought, even though after the forth....i was nearly at my peak.
    Great course and will come for the odd training session.
    Thank you

    Paul S

    Really enjoyed the afternoon with Chun and my fellow students. Enjoyed the covering of the fundamentals and the science of it. I thought the breathing exercises were good and effective, but having some experience in the past, I found it easier just to go my own pace to reach that deeper state versus paying attention to the class direction. It was a real treat to have the ice bath in Singapore and this is one of the primary reasons I signed up. I'm really glad I did though because it was much more enriching than just a dip in cold water. I'm looking forward to doing another class or series of classes with Chun.

    Scott L

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