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    Breathe, Move, Conquer: A Deep Dive into Physicality & Focus (90 Minutes)

    Ready to take your workouts and stress management to the next level? Join us for an immersive 90-minute workshop where we'll explore the transformative power of Wim Hof Method breathwork and its synergy with physical training.


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    Your Journey to Mastery Begins Here:

    The Science of Breath: 

    Discover how mindful breathing techniques can significantly impact your strength, endurance, and stress resilience.

    Unlock Your Inner Power: 

    Experience the invigorating effects of Wim Hof activating breathwork and tap into your body's hidden potential.

    Prepare for Action: 

    Engage in a dynamic warm-up to prime your muscles and joints for peak performance.

    Sharpen Your Mind and Body: 

    Elevate your performance with cognitive priming and plyometric drills, designed to optimize your nervous system for action.

    Forge Strength & Power: 

    Dive into a focused 30-minute power and strength training program aimed at building better movement quality and improving athletic performance.

    Conditioning for Peak Performance: 

    Challenge your cardiovascular system and apply mental and recovery strategies during metabolic conditioning.

    Down-Regulation & Recovery: 

    Experience the calming power of Wim Hof down-regulating breathwork techniques, accompanied by soothing handpan music, to accelerate recovery and promote deep relaxation.


    Benefits You'll Experience:

    Increased strength and muscular endurance

    Enhanced focus and concentration during workouts and daily life

    Powerful stress management tools

    Improved recovery times and optimized athletic performance

    Deepened understanding of your inner strength and potential


    Workshop Details:

    21 July 2024


    Dare Training Club

    Keppel Bay Tower 1, 1 HarbourFront Ave, #01-03, 098632 

  • Meet Your Guides

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    Co-founder of successful fitness and lifestyle establishments, certified mental toughness trainer, and physical development coach. Allan brings over a decade of experience in high-level combat sports and strength and conditioning coaching to the workshop.

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    A holistic wellness advocate and certified Wim Hof Method and Oxygen Advantage instructor, Chun empowers others through a unique blend of breathwork, sound healing, nutrition guidance, and safe talking circles.

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    Join us for this transformative experience and unleash the power of breathwork and physical training to conquer your goals and elevate your life.