• Space Holder Workshop

    Bridging the gap between a general practitioner and an official instructor, this workshop will equip participants with the tools to create a safe space for friends, family or clients to participate in breathwork or hot/cold therapies, ensuring optimal safety during practice.


    Best/worst case scenarios experienced from the past five years of teaching will be shared and practiced together in order to save you unnecessary trouble and ensure those you practice with can be properly taken care of.


    After some experience holding space, those who wish to take the teaching path will be encouraged to get further training from recommended institutions such as the Wim Hof Method Academy

    *Note that this course is not an official Wim Hof Method certification, you will still need to go through the academy's full programme and overseas course to be licensed to teach the method formally*


    -Comfortable speaking to a group

    -Basic experience in breathwork and hot/cold exposure practices

    -Patience and empathy


    -Understand the benefits and dangers of breathwork, cold and hot exposure

    -Learn to guide participants through the practices safely, and how to reduce risks within the practice space

    -Understand and manage various possible outcomes that may arise from these exercises, such as:

    Breathing incorrectly

    Inducing panic/anxiety


    Outpour of emotions

    -Experience and share various protocols for self practice, such as:

    Box breathing

    Relaxation breathing

    Mindful breathing

    Controlled hyperventilation

    -Useful exercises before/during/after hot & cold exposure to increase benefits and reduce negative side effects


    Step up within your circle to be able to lead a healthy practice for those you care about.


    Find out whether this work can be a possible career or income-generating tool to equip yourself with for the future.


    Increase your knowledge and experience simply by teaching and sharing more.


    Be part of a space holders hive mind that shares experiences and also help each other grow.





    Current issues

    Handling trauma

    Breathwork protocols

    Sauna & cold exposure protocols

    Partner practice

    Theory & Practical test

    Certification of participation


    Time: 9am-5pm

    Date: 26 Nov 2022 (Sat)

    Price: $850 (limited discount code available below)

    Lunch and tea break included - delicious vegan dishes using produce from our local organic farms



    Core Collective Sentosa

    Located in a beautiful conservation building within Amara Sanctuary Resort in Sentosa, Core Collective Sentosa aims to create a holistic fit-well lifestyle destination venue in the South of Singapore. The brand new space will provide participants with a safe conducive learning space, as well as infrared saunas and ice baths.


    Practice and guiding in the following work:


    Ice bath

    IR Sauna

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