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    Explore Singapore's top ice bath facilities, with exclusive discounts and expert guidance.

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  • Tour 2

    Interpulse EMS Stretch & Recovery + Ice Bath

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    Tour 2: Interpulse EMS

    Date: 26 May 2024

    Time: 10am-12pm

    Experience a fitness session where your muscles are stimulated by a specially designed suit for Electrical Muscle Stimulation, with intensity and zones personally set with your own iPad. These impulses stimulate deep muscle fibres that are often challenging to engage through traditional exercise alone. This results in more intense muscle contractions and a highly efficient workout. Complement it with an ice cold dip next to the hotel pool of InterContinental Bugis, a private space accessible only to hotel guests and Interpulse participants.

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    1. Deep Stretch EMS Session (45 minutes):

    - Introduction and Setup: Begin with a brief introduction to EMS technology and its benefits. InterPulse Fitness Founder Tim will help you suit up in the EMS gear, which uses low-frequency electrical impulses to stimulate your muscles.

    - Guided Stretching: Engage in a series of deep stretching exercises enhanced by EMS. This session focuses on improving flexibility, reducing muscle tension, and promoting overall relaxation.

    - Muscle Activation: The EMS technology will ensure that even the smallest muscle groups are activated, providing a more comprehensive and effective stretch.


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    2. Guided Ice Bath (45 minutes):


    - Preparation and Breathwork: Certified Wim Hof breath coach, Chun, will guide you through specialized breathing techniques to prepare your body and mind for the ice bath.

    - Immersion: Step into the ice bath for a controlled and invigorating experience. The cold immersion helps to reduce inflammation, soothe sore muscles, and boost your energy levels.

    - Post-Ice Bath Recovery: After the ice bath, Chun will lead a brief recovery session with gentle movements and additional breathwork to help your body transition back to normal temperature and maximize the benefits of the experience.


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  • Tour 3

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    Tour 3: Level Up @ UNDVD

    Date: 2 June 2024

    Time: To be announced!

    Learn about Level Up's services of Testing, Training and Therapy at Undivided Performance's gym. Understand how personal lactate threshold and hypoxic training plays a part in your eventual fitness results so you can train smarter, not harder. After that experience their cold and hot water immersion paired with an optional workout.

  • Tour 1

    Next tour to be updated!

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    Tour 1: The Ice Bath Club

    Date: 19 May 2024

    Time: 10-11am


    Check out River Valley's latest community space for group contrast therapy! The Ice Bath Club features two cold plunges at 3 and 10 Deg C, one hot tub and one communal sauna with auto dozing of essential oils and water for steam. After the session we will head to the attached cafe for brunch, 15% off all orders specially for our group! BOOK NOW!

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    Group sauna with essential oils and steam

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    End the ice bath and sauna experience with a delicious brunch, 15% off to all Ice Bath Tour participants!

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